Why the 2020  Census is Important

The US Census occurs every 10 years and is important because:

  • Our representation in Congress and the Texas Legislature is based off of our population.  If we get counted, we have a louder voice and more power to shape policy and decisions.

  • The Rio Grande Valley, and Hispanics  traditionally have been under counted and underrepresented, resulting in less political power.  An accurate census count not only ensures equal representation for the Rio Grande Valley, but increased visibility and political power.

  • Over $675 Billion in federal spending is based on population.  A more accurate count translates into more money for better schools, more investments, better infrastructure, roads, social services, housing, food programs, and more opportunities for the Rio Grande Valley.

  • Funding Impact on the Rio Grande Valley

    • 1,377,861 U.S. Census Bureau Estimated Population of the Rio Grande Valley as of July 1, 2019.

  • The RGV’s estimated population translates into:

  • $2.1 Billion in Federal Funding Annually

  • $21.7 Billion in Federal Funding Over 10 Years

  • It is estimated the Rio Grande Valley is under counted by anywhere from 40,000 to 300,000 persons.  If the RGV were accurately counted, the region could gain $63M to $473M annually or $630M to $4.7B over 10 years.



Current Response Rate 48.6%

2010 Response Rate 56.4%


Lowest Response Rate by City:

South Padre Island 10.1%

Santa Rosa 26.4%

Los Indios 27.2%

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Current Response Rate 44.8%

2010 Response Rate 45.5%

Lowest Response Rate by City:

La Grulla 30.3%

Roma 47.8%

Escobares 48.7%

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Current Response Rate 50.8%

2010 Response Rate 55.9%

Lowest Response Rate by City:

Progreso 27.2%

Edcouch 30.4%

La Villa 35.7%

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Current Response Rate 39.9%

2010 Response Rate 50.6

Lowest Response Rate by City:

Lyford 29.5%

San Perlita 30.5%

Raymondville 49.8%

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Rio Grande Valley Response Rate

data as of 8/27/2020

2020 Census Scholarship Participation Report

data as of 8/19/2020